SIPRI Yearbook 2005 : armaments, disarmament and international security

SIPRI Yearbook 2005, 2005
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-0-19-928401-6
Beteiligte Personen Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ( Wikipedia
Systematik A - Nachschlagewerke
Schlagworte security, disarmament, china, arms control, conflict, regional, balkan peninsula, armament, military expenditures, nuclear arms, peacekeeping operations - pko, arms production, chemical weapons, iraq, nonproliferation, organization of african unity - oau, arms transfer, biological warfare, security sector reform - ssr, 2004, iraq war, 2003-2011, post-conflict justice
Verlag Oxford University Press
Ort Oxford [u.a.]
Jahr 2005
Umfang xxxiv, 853 p.
Altersbeschränkung keine
Sprache englisch
Verfasserangabe Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Exemplare Standort
37666 A
Unselbstständige Werke Bailes, Alyson J. K. - Introduction. Global security governance: a world of change and challenge
Dunay, Pál - Euro-Atlantic security and institutions
Dwan, Renata - Major armed conflicts
Dwan, Renata - Mulitlateral peace missions: challenges of peace-building
Born, Hans - Governing the use of force under international auspices: deficits in parliamentary accountability
Hollis, Rosemary - The greater Middle East
Rosas, Maria Christina - Latin America and the Carribean: security and defence in the post-cold war era
Sköns, Elisabeth - Financing security in a global context
Sköns, Elisabeth - Military expenditure
Sköns, Elisabeth - Arms production
Wezeman, Siemon T. - International arms transfers
Anthony, Ian - Arms control and non-proliferation: the role of international organizations
Kile, Shannon N. - Nuclear arms control and non-proliferation
Guthrie, Richard - Chemical and bilogical warfare developments and arms control
Hart, John - Lybia's reunciation of nuclear, bilogical and chemical wapons and balistic missiles
Lachowski, Zdzislaw - Conventional arms control and military confidence building
Anthony, Ian - International non-proliferation and disarmament assistance
Anthony, Ian - Transfer controls
Schroeder, Matthew - US exports controls
Ahlström, Christer - The proliferation security initiative: internaitonal law aspects of the statement of interciction principles


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