SIPRI Yearbook 2002 : Armaments, disarmament and international security

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (, 2002
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-0-19-925176-6
Systematik A - Nachschlagewerke
Schlagworte disarmament, nuclear weapons, arms control, conflict, regional, armed conflict, military expenditures, peacekeeping operations - pko, military policy, united nations - un, arms production, chemical weapons, conflict prevention, arms export, nonproliferation, arms transfer, security, international, european union - eu, space armament, 2001, 11. september 2001
Verlag Oxford University Press
Ort Oxford [u.a.]
Jahr 2002
Umfang 845 p.
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Sprache englisch
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426 A
Unselbstständige Werke Rotfeld, Adam Daniel - Global security after 11 September 2001
Seybolt, Taylor B. - Major armed conflicts, 2001
Eriksson, Mikael - Patterns of major armed conflicts, 1990-2001
Seybolt, Taylor B. - Measuring violence: an introduction to conflict data sets
Dwan, Renata - Conflict prevention
Dwan, Renata - Multilateral peace missions, 2001
Lachowski, Zdzislaw - The military dimension of the European Union
Hendrickson, Dylan - The challenges of security sector reform
Anthony, Ian - Sanctions applied by the European Union and the United Nations
Sköns, Elisabeth - Military expenditure
Sköns, Elisabeth - Tables of military expenditure
Loose-Weintraub, Evamaria - Official data on military expenditure
Gold, David - US military expenditure and the 2001 quadrennial defense review
Sköns, Elisabeth - Arms production
Weidacher, Reinhilde - Arms industry data
Weidacher, Reinhilde - Available government and industry data on the arms industry
Hagelin, Björn - International arms transfer
Hagelin, Björn - The volume of transfers of major conventional weapons: by recipients and suppliers, 1997-2001
Hagelin, Björn - The volume of transfers of major conventional weapons: by regions and other groups of recipients and suppliers, 1997-2001
Hagelin, Björn - Register of the transfers and licensed production of major conventional weapons, 2001
Wezeman, Pieter D. - Government and industry data on national arms exports
Anthony, Ian - Arms control after the attacks of 11 September 2001
Kile, Shannon N. - Ballistic missile defence and nuclear arms control
Kristensen, Hans M. - World nuclear forces
Zarimpas, Nicholas - Tactical nuclear weapons
Bukharin, Oleg - The changing Russian and US nuclear warhead production complexes
Bunn, George - Efforts to improve nuclear material and facility security
Pike, John - The military uses of outer space
Zanders, Jean Pascal - Chemical and biological weapon developments and arms control
Lachowski, Zdzislaw - Conventional arms control
Wezeman, Pieter D. - The UN conference on the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons
Anthony, Ian - Multilateral export control
Berggren, Christer - Arms control and disarmament agreements
Berggren, Christer - Chronology 2001


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